Who’s Drinking With Us?

Your mom.

Join us for the Defending the American Dream Summit and RightOnline – Now With Greg Gutfeld!

You already know we’ll be at RightOnline and Defending the American Dream Summit August 30th and 31st. And you already know you can save 15% by clicking the ads below and using the discount code “HAMMERED” when you buy your conference passes. But did you know that now the first ten people to sign up with a discount code will be put on the list to join us at an exclusive meet and greet hosted by AFP (Americans for Prosperity Foundation) with the one and only Greg Gutfeld?

Sign up now! We aren’t the only radio hosts participating in this contest and only the first ten people to sign up will be invited. We can’t wait to see you there!

Getting Hammered at RightOnline/Defending the American Dream Summit

Join us August 30th and 31st for RightOnline/Defending the American Dream Summit at Universal Studios Orlando Resort. Stevie and I will be there broadcasting live and throwing another EPIC¬† Getting Hammered Party. We want you to join us and because we’re just so awesome, we’ve made it possible for you to save a little money doing so.

Click the links below to save 15% on conference passes by entering the discount code “HAMMERED”.

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See you there!

Come Get Hammered!


Tonight Hammy and I are talking to the one and only Jimmie Bise about the Benghazi hearings and what (if any) difference the shocking testimony of the whistleblowers makes for the Obama administration. We’ll also touch on the incredible story of the three kidnapping victims rescued in Cleveland and, as always, we’ll mock the week.

Join us at the bar at Casa de Hammy for cocktails, fun, and great conversation. We’re talking your calls at 424.220.1807 starting at 10 Eastern on Conservative Daily News Radio.

Bottoms up!

Coming Up on Getting Hammered

Tomorrow night on Getting Hammered Radio, Hammy and I are talking about the explosive Benghazi testimony and what, if any, difference it makes in the political careers of key players Obama and Hillary. Will there be repercussions or will they emerge unscathed from horrible scandal, as democrats typically do? We’ll be taking your calls at 424.220.1807 to hear your thoughts on the testimony and the fallout. Tune in tomorrow and every Friday night at 10 Eastern.

We’re Working So Hard I Hardly Have Time to Write This

Hammalicious and I are at CPAC. Actually, right now we’re sitting in the media area laughing at Grumpy Cat pictures when we’re supposed to be listening.

We heard Scott Walker, Newt Gingrinch, Callista Gingrich (and her hair), and Michelle Bachmann this morning. Then we listened to Dr. Ben Carson who announced his upcoming retirement from neurosurgery to, I’m sure, just hang out at home and watch TV or something.

We did our show last night with plenty of drinks and no pants of any kind. All sorts of the coolest people here came by and spent some time with us on the air. And they drank our booze. Which was, of course, the point.

Do follow Hammy and me on twitter for the latest riveting CPAC updates in 140 characters and listen to the show right now if you missed it last night.

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Getting Hammered is throwing a NO PANTS PARTY at CPAC

You guys. Steve and I have this thing where we have to have our pants off all the time. And we’ve decided to open up our love of no pants to you. In our hotel suite. At CPAC.

I know, right?

But if we’re going to take our pants off for you, we need you to do something for us. We explain it all in this stellar video we made for you. Enjoy.


Donate now and get hammered with us Friday night at CPAC. You will not want to miss it.

Live From Casa de Hammy


Are you drinking with us tonight? We’re live from Casa de Hammy mocking the week, talking about Stevie’s run in with a terrorist, and yelling about the State of the Union. Join us tonight at 10 Eastern on Conservative Daily News Radio.

Hammy the NeoCon

Gasp. Hammy has some against the grain thoughts on drones. And – double gasp – they’re really hard to argue with. He’ll share them with us tonight on our very last Monday night show. We’re also joined by banking and real estate expert Kandace Murphy. It’s going to be a fabulous show tonight. You won’t want to miss it! Listen at 10 Eastern on Conservative Daily News Radio.

Don’t forget: after tonight Getting Hammered will air exclusively on Friday nights at 10 Eastern AND Steve and Stevie will be at CPAC doing a (hopefully!) no pants show live from the Getting Hammered party. But in order to do so we simply must raise two thousand dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project. There will be details, a place to donate, and quite possibly a video teaser later in the week.


Dirty Sex and Politics


We’re getting hammered AND dirty tonight with the lovely Donlyn Turnbull of Dirty Sex and Politics. Join us tonight at 10 Eastern as we drink with Donlynn and talk about DS&P magazine. Then stick around with Steve and Stevie to mock the week.

We also have a fabulous announcement happening sometime during the show. You won’t want to miss it.

The Honey Badger of Conservative Politics


Join us tonight on CDNews Radio¬†as we talk to “The Honey Badger of Conservative Politics”, Todd Kincannon and Michelle Ray about the Twitter Gulag Defense Network. We’d love for you to join the discussion; call in at (424) 220-1807.

Bring you favorite drink and do not, under any circumstances, wear pants. Get Hammered with Stevie and Steve tonight at 10 Eastern.